Cleaning Hacks You Should Know About!!!

Do you ever feel like the chores around your home never end? How many times have you lost hours handling tricky cleanups that you just couldn’t resolve? If this is the case then you are in the right place — we have composed a list to resolve these issues definitively!!!

Whether you love to clean or hate it, knowing a few quick and easy tricks can make the process a whole lot easier! These tricks will save you a lot of time and money!


Wooden Cutting Board

Ingredient: Salt + Lemon


  1. Wipe or rinse off your cutting board with water.
  2. Using a lemon half with the cut side down, scour the surface, squeezing slightly to release the lemon juice as you go.
  3. Let sit for 5 minutes, and then scrape the gray, dirty liquid into a small bowl using a bench scraper, and discard.
  4. Give the surface a final rinse with a clean wet sponge and set it upright to dry.

Clog Sink Drain

Ingredient: Baking Soda + White Vinegar


  1. Pour a pot of boiling hot water down your drain.
  2. Dump in about 1/2 cup baking soda. Let that sit for a few minutes.
  3. Then, pour a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup very hot water down on top of the baking soda (You can mix these two together in a glass measuring cup and then add to the drain).
  4. Cover with a drain plug (to keep the reaction down below the drain surface) if you have one and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Flush one more time with a pot of boiling water.

Burnt Pan

Ingredient: Baking Soda + White Vinegar


  1. Pour the water and vinegar into your pot. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  2. Turn off the heat. Remove the pot from the burner and carefully transport it to the sink.
  3. Add the baking soda.
  4. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes until the fizz settles down.
  5. Dump out the mixture and scrape the burn residue using your wooden spoon or spatula.
  6. Wash your pot as you normally would.

*The pot needs to be in the sink because when you add the baking soda, the resulting chemical reaction will cause your solution to fizz.


Ingredient: Baking Soda + Water


  1. Combine baking soda and water in a small bowl to form a paste.
  2. Remove racks from oven.
  3. Using a spatula or a gloved hand, spread paste on dirty parts of the oven interior, including the base and glass, while avoiding heating elements.
  4. Let paste sit for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Use a series of wet paper towels to wipe off baking soda residue and loosened grime.

Smelly Kitchen Towels

Ingredient: White Vinegar


  1. Fill a large pot with water and set it over HIGH heat on the stove.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Add 1 cup white vinegar and your kitchen towels to the water.
  4. Boil the kitchen towels for 15 minutes to kill odors and bacteria, mold and mildew.
  5. Turn the heat off and let the kitchen towels and liquid cool to room temperature.
  6. wring the it with your hands one at a time before hanging them to dry in a sunny spot.

Shower Head

Ingredient: White Vinegar + Plastic Bag


  1. Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water (you’ll need about 1 cup), and pour it into a plastic bag.
  2. Put the plastic bag around the shower head so the holes are immersed in the liquid, and secure the bag to the shaft with a twist tie.
  3. Allow it to soak at least 15 to 20 minutes (up to an hour if you can).
  4. Remove the bag and wipe away loosened deposits. Run the shower on hot to flush and you’re all set.

Shower Wall

Ingredient: Detergent + White Vinegar


  1. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and detergent in a spray bottle.
  2. Give it a light shake to mix the two together and coat the shower walls.
  3. Leave on for five minutes while you clean another area.
  4. Rinse completely with hot water and wipe the area dry to help remove any remaining traces of grime.

*To add to this mixture’s cleaning power, either heat the vinegar before mixing it with the soap or heat the bathroom.


Ingredient: Tea Bag + Water + Cloths + Newspaper


  1. Make a strong tea (half litter and 4 or 5 bags) by adding tea bags to the boiling water and allow to steep for 10-15 minutes (no less than 10).
  2. Remove tea bags and allow mixture to cool for an hour.
  3. Dip a cloth in this mixture, rub the cloth on the glass.
  4. Dry with old newspaper.


Ingredient: Grapefruit + Salt


  1. Cut your grapefruit in half.
  2. Sprinkle the grapefruit with salt, then wet your bathtub and sprinkle more salt around the bottom.
  3. Rub the grapefruit all over the tub, give it a little squeeze and allowing the juice to run all over the tub.
  4. Rinse with clear, warm water. Turn on the tub faucet and run your hands around the tub to encourage the grapefruit and salt to go down the drain.

Toilet Bowl

Ingredient: Baking Soda + White Vinegar


  1. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl and let it sit for about 1 minute.
  2. Add 1 cup of baking soda to the toilet bowl, then add another 1 to 2 cups of vinegar. Let the solution sit for about 10 minutes.
  3. Use a toilet brush to swish the solution around the bowl, making sure to get the solution onto any stains that are above the water line. Don’t flush the toilet.
  4. Let the vinegar and soda solution sit for up to 30 minutes, swishing one or two more times, until the stain is gone. If any stain remains, scrub it with the toilet brush. Flush the toilet to rinse.

Burnt iron

Ingredient: Salt + Paper


  1. Sprinkle a sheet of paper with salt.
  2. Run the warm iron over the salt which helps remove stains and any lingering residue from ironing your clothes.
  3. After a couple of runs, unplug the iron, and once it’s cooled, wipe clean once with a soft cloth.

Coffee & Tea Cup

Ingredient: Baking Soda + Water


  1. Sprinkle a little baking soda onto the bottom of your stained cup, add water to form a paste, and scrub.
  2. The gentle abrasion of the baking soda will get rid of stains in a matter of minutes.
  3. Simply rinse and wash the way you usually would.

Make your life easier with these genius cleaning hacks!!!

Have you get it? Let’s have a try today!!!