HPV FREE Vaccination Programme!!!

For 2019, HPV vaccination is FREE to Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident (PR), female born in 1992-1996, single/not yet married, not pregnant and have not suffered from severe allergies that required treatment at a hospital. The vaccination is only available for female who income classification catagorized as B40 and M40. You may get the vaccination at Nur Sejahtera Clinics, LPPKN.

The vaccination is given by injection on the upper arm three times within six month according to the schedule below :

DOS 1 Date of first vaccination
DOS 2 One month after first vaccination
DOS 3 Six month after first vaccination

All three doses of HPV vaccinations are required to ensure that the vaccine provides optimum protection against HPV infection and can prevent 70% of cervical cancer incidences.

Only 9,000 female are eligible to have FREE HPV vaccination with First Come First Serve Basis!!!

Promotion Date: From Now

Promotion Location: Nur Sejahtera Clinics, LPPKN 

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