Your long-awaited McDonald’s promotion is back!

From today onwards! You can enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for selected items at McDonald’s!

What is included in the promotion? Scroll down and check them out!

Are these your favourite??!!

Buy 1 Free 1 promotion exclusively for Chicken Foldover or a Durian McFlurry!

Unwrap the exciting flavour of the Chicken Foldover with your friend at McDonalds today!

Or you prefer a creamy and delightful Durian McFlurry? It’s made up of the real D24 durian!

Get the ultimate satisfaction with Durian McFlurry now!

How to enjoy the promotion? Just click in the button attached below…!

Show the post and mention the codes to their crew, then you can get the offer!

Facebook post:
Chicken Foldover Buy 1 Free 1
Durian McFlurry Buy 1 Free 1

Promotion Date: From now on
Promotion Time: From 10 am
Promotion Location: McDonald’s Malaysia (excluding McDonald’s restaurant at Genting, Airports and Langkawi)

For more information: Click here