McDonald’s is reducing the prices of selected meals!!!

That’s right!

You heard it loud and clear!

Enjoy lower prices all day every day when ordering your favourite McDonald’s meals!

Cheaper and tastier!!!

No mistake, folks!

Enjoy the same great taste of your favourite meals but at a cheaper price!

Affected meals include:

🔥 McChicken (M) for just RM8.99! (N/P: RM9.95)
🔥 Double Cheeseburger (M) for just RM10.99! (N/P: RM11.15)
🔥 McD Fried Chicken for just RM13.99! (N/P: RM14.95)
🔥 Hot n’ Crispy Chicken (M) for just RM15.99! N/P: RM16.50)
🔥 Smoky Grilled Beef (M) for just RM15.99! (N/P: RM16.50)

Come on then! What are you waiting for!?

Treat yourself to a scrumptious meal at McDonald’s today!!!

Promotion Date: From now on
Promotion Location: McDonald’s Malaysia

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